Grilled Fish Restaurant @ Kyunghee University

This kinda restaurant are many partly due to the well-being lifestyle (happiness, peace, living well - well balanced life 웰빙 시대). If you want to be prettier, eat more fish! Hehe.... I remember watching the drama My Lovely Kim Sam Soon around 2005. In one of the scene,  the president (Hyun Bin) said to Kim Sam Soon (Kim Sun Ah) about leading a well being lifestyle. Maybe too much samgyeopsal is not good for your health? ^^

You could find many restaurant like this serving almost similar menus if you could understand Hangul. *Please learn Hangul before you travel to Korea!! - a desperate plea..hehe*

Menu (Price may changed)

고등어구이 - godengo gui - Grilled mackerel - 7,000 won
삼치구이 - samchi gui - Spanish mackerel - 大 big  - 9,000 won  / 小 small - 8,000 won
오징어볶음 - ojingo bokkeum - stir fried squid - 5,000 won
제육볶음 - jeyook bokkeum - stir fried pork - 5,000 won
된장 찌개 - dwenjang jjigae - fermented soy bean stew - 4,000 won
순두부 찌개 - sundubu jjigae - soft tofu stew 4,000 won
카레순두부 찌개 - kare sundubu jjigae - curry soft tofu stew - 4,000 won
김치 찌개 - kimchi jjigae - Kimchi stew- 4,000 won
콩비지 찌개 - kong biji jjigae - soy bean and bean curd (tofu residue) stew - 4,000 won
소주 - soju - korean liquor - 3,000 won
맥주 - mekju - korean beer - 3,000 won
음료수 - emnyosu - drink - 1,000 won

The pictures below are from the branch near Kyunghee University. Nadia, Iris's friend; currently studying in Kyunghee University for Korean Language brought the girls to this restaurant near her alma mater. Check out my trip to Kyunghee University in spring. One of the best places to view cherry blossoms in spring.

생선구이밥상 - Saengson gui babsang - grilled fish restaurant
생선구이 - grilled fish
밥상 - (dining) table

This says that if you dine in please order at least
fish + stew OR fish + stir fried menu

오징어볶음 - ojingo bokkeum - stir fried squid

The free banchan - side dishes. In Korea you can refill as many times
as you want if you finish your banchan. It's FREE!! I love oi sobagi =
cucumber kimchi the most. ^^

The grilled mackerel is so big!! Can't wait to tuck in eh?
Ready, get set, go go!!

wasabi + soy sauce japanese food eh?

As always, instant coffee is on the house.

How to go:
From Hoegi Station, walk towards Kyunghee University until you see Burger King and Coffee Bean, walk into the alley in between the shops, turn right at  the first alley and then turn left at the second alley and walk till the end until you see the shop.

Check out Kim Yeon Ji's cyworld for more pictures.

Pictures courtesy of Iris, Fiza, Nyna and Hanim

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hanie said…
haha...after 2 weeks i can read hangul..[wlpun kdg2 mengeja lah kan :P] sometimes..tau baca tapi tak tau maksud..huhu..

blh bgtau cara nk improve tak? =_="
Zarina BT2K said…

There's no short cut in learning.
practise, practise and pratise make perfect.

However using the material that you find interest in like KPOP lyrics will help you faster. ^^

I use the same method all the time. ^^
hanie said…
네, 맞아요.. ^^V
akak kt mane tulis halal kat restoran nih??? :)
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi Kyoko_Hashida,
yup..there's no Halal signboard in Korea except for some restaurants in Itaewon area.

Normally, I ate what I could like fish and vegetable. So this is the only option permissible. ^^
Shafizan said…
Untuk makluman semua, kedai ni dah berpindah sejak ogos aritu rasanya. x tau la dh pindah ke mana. Harap mereka yang tau, bole inform.
Anonymous said…
Hi assalam,

DIa guna minyak apa ye untuk memasak?