Min Young from Incheon

I met Min Young in April when she was a guest in Santisuk. Right after that we hit it off and became friends though she is more than a decade younger than me. I mean she is 13 years apart from me but her mindset is pretty old for a girl like her. Hehe..mian he min young aa.

I had 5 days off  from 5th May to spend with Min Young and her family in Incheon due to Parent's Day celebration. We hitchhiked 3 times from Santisuk to Jangpyeong bus terminal and took a bus to Wonju. We transferred another bus from there to Incheon.

Jangpyeong bus terminal

Incheon Terminal Complex (bus)

We stopped by at the restroom in the terminal and 
I was amazed at this hand cleaner. Particularly because
there was an LCD TV on top of it. How advance!
Even in the restroom..

We took the metro (subway) to Bupyeong Station
because Min Young wanted to drop by at a 
Pat bing su shop over there.

The Incheon subway is operated by Incheon Metro.
You could take this line to go to Incheon Airport.

The handsome Joe Odagiri and the gorgeous
Song Hye Kyo's Levis ad board. 

Yummy..the pat bing su in Bupyeong.
팥(Pat) = Sweet red beans
빙수 (Bing Su) = Shaved ice

Another type of pat bing su that we tried a few days later.

We took a bus from Bupyeong to Min Young's house.

We ate Mcdonalds for lunch before we returned to 
Santisuk. It was 15 minutes before lunch hour and
we got to see how they changed the menu. It was
changed manually!! ^__^

Our lunch and mine was shrimp burger which I don't
get to eat one in Malaysia. It cost about 3,500 won
for a set menu.

Vandalism in Korea's restroom experience. It was
my first time seeing it. Anyone care to make a 
guess on the meaning? 

Korean kids that I met in front of Min Young's Flower Shop.

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learning said…
Those food look delicious. How much is 3,500 won
equivlent to US dollar?
Zarina BT2K said…
You could always use the currency converter on the right sidebar. As of now, 3,500 won is around 2.96USD
주라이다 said…
as salam kak
saya penah gi korea.tp tkut nak beli/mkn fast food sbb bile tgk menu ade daging b**i.
rasanya most of kedai kt sana mmg sediakan mknan berasakan si daging tu(tolak veggie n seafood n halal rstoran)
saya ade trip lg next month.so tnya boleh ke kita order mcm fillet o fish,kentang n seangkatan dgnnya tnpa melibatkan meat sdgkan kita xtau kedai tu ada serve vavi atau x.adakah utensils dorg pakai tu bercampur ke tak.goreng dr minyak yg sma ke x
advise please.
Zarina BT2K said…
w'salam zara,
kalau di McD, yang akak tau memang tak guna minyak yang sama untuk goreng fries/fillet/daging.

tapi kalau utensil tu maybe sama or tak sama.

kalau zara was was, tinggalkan saja.

kalau zara tau baca hangul actually boleh tau banyak sangat restoran yang tak serve babi.