Container house and Tulip

Bun Sok, Joy and me visited a container house near Jaesan Village. The owner was an English teacher graduated from Canada. I had met him when I was in Joy Farm for the first time but I couldn't remember his face at all. memory is getting weaker and weaker. I wish I could upgrade just like a computer. ^_^

Initially, the teacher worked in Seoul but because he wanted to take care his old mother, he moved to the village. Bun Sok told me that for Korean who wanted to move to village, they will receive a sort of compensation. Some what like farming subsidy.

The teacher was so creative, he built his house from a container. I was so surprised because the house was so pretty!! The mother who was around 80 years old didn't look old at all. I was so envious of the house, the garden and the owner. I wish I could lead a sustainable life just like them.

The container house

The mother burning some woods to warm the house.

The entrance

The kitchen

The mother gave me yanggeng - red bean jelly. Those
who are TOP's fans (Big Bang); he really loves yanggeng.
You could check on TOP facts here.
It is really sweet.I couldn't understand how he could
eat the yanggeng with spicy pepper paste (gochujang)
in Manwon Haengbok. Ackkk!!

Dried sunflower

Flowers on spring

The mother grew tulips around the house.

I wish that it hasn't bloomed.

Fully bloomed

Later, we visited Bun Sok's student and ate jjajangmyun
and jjampong there.

Me with Bun Sok's student.

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