Essential Items for Backpackers

The Essential Items All Backpackers Must Take on Their Travels  

So you've booked your trip to go travelling. You've paid for your ticket, you've researched where you're going and now you're just dreaming of getting on that plane. Before you go you need to pack your essentials.

You need to pack wisely so you're not carrying too much unnecessary what. So just what will you need to help make your perfect trip?

1. Scissors. You must have scissors on your travels. Things need to be cut. Toenails get long. Clothes fray. Scissors are in the bag.

2. Sun Cream. You may be going to Antarctica or Bermuda. Either way you need sun cream. The sun never stops shining. Somewhere some place you will need it.

3. Passport. In this modern age a passport is a must. Has to be in.

4. Socks. You must have socks. Feet get cold. Socks get damp. Blisters can occur. Clean new socks are a must.

5. Underpants. Same thing. You must have under pants. Keeps things healthy. Good to put on when meeting new people for example.

6. A book. Any book will do. But you need a book. Long journeys can be boring. Break them up by reading trashy Jackie Collins/intense Frederick Forsyth/rubbish love stories/romance novels/thrillers/any old rubbish.

7. Sunglasses. When the sun comes out you need sunglasses. It's just a fact. They keep your eyes working, you need them in all environments and they make you look good. So there.

8. Antiseptic cream. If you're really traveling you'll need it. Getting tropical infections/lurgy in a remote jungle is no laughing matter. Take some. It will help save your leg from amputation.

9. Toothpaste and toothbrush. Teeth are the route to health. Ya got to keep them clean. Make sure to take both on your travels. You should make new friends quickly that way.

10. Money. Yes you'll have some in your pocket but keep some/a little in your bag too. You're then covered if you a) get mugged, b) drunkenly dive in the water fully clothed, c) have to run naked from the scene when a spouse comes home to find you in their bed!

11. T-shirts. If you're traveling you'll need t-shirts. Light, quick and easy. Suitable for all sorts of events. Take 3 with you and Wash in rotation. Job done.

12. Shorts. Take your pick from board shorts, swim shorts, bun huggers, athletic shorts, spandex shorts, walking shorts. Basically whatever you feel comfortable in. You'll need them.

13. A hat. A hat protects you from the sun. The sun is hot. It can burn skin. It stops you dehydrating. If in doubt wear a hat.

14. A compass. When lost in foreign lands a compass can help. I know it's old fashioned. But if you don't have GPS or a phone it's a life saver.

15. A language phrase book. You will be able to communicate with the locals. It will stop you saying the wrong thing and getting into a fight. Also handy when trying to eat something that won't make you ill.

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