Share a couch while surfing the world!

Surfing? not that usual surfing..with that hunk body and delicious tanned muscles..yummy*Sorry for getting your mind strayed..hahah.*

Well, since budget traveling is my number one priority, God must have listened to my pray lately..^^
I stumbled upon this awesome website where the idea is just so marvelous! I heart this one..really. I might take this one up for weekend stay in Seoul. Got to know new people, new culture, new ideas and be humble in the process. We are staying in the same 'Earth' anyway.

Their idea is sharing a couch/mattress/futon (japanese bed) if they have in their house for a traveler with limited budget. There is no payment given to the host but a wise traveler should know the ethics and moral. Like, maybe treat a dinner to your host to appreciate them.

Neat? What do you think?
Wooo..isn't that dangerous? A perfect stranger in your house? You're meeting them for the first time and you share your bed?? That's so risky man! That was what I think before better go to the site to really grasp the idea and principal of sharing.

Risk? As I said..risk is everywhere, anywhere, anytime. Go and register your couch, fast!!

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