What a muslim lady doing in South Korea?

Muslim = no pork, no alcohol but that's like a whole cultural thingy for Korean!! Majority of my Muslim friends will quiver when they heard me saying "I want to eat Tteokbokgi when I'm in Seoul!" Isn't it HALAL? A very sensitive issue where I almost refuse to discuss with my Muslim friends but avoiding it is almost sounds like a sin. Hehehe.

Of course finding a HALAL certificate is almost impossible in a non-Muslim country in Korea but recently Korea has taken amazing effort to boost their tourism to focus on Muslim visitors.

For a proof, come and visit Tour2Korea official website here. They have prepared a special section : Muslim Food Guide.

Other than that, let's just believe that I will survive with instant noodle and serunding! Chance to get slim the natural way. Hahaha... another amazing race in the making.

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