My heart is bursting! Another 114 days to go..

I was about to drive to work this evening when suddenly I imagine myself taking my backpack and strut myself to the airport. A rush of adrenaline hit me and my heart was beating so fast! My heart just wants to burst and shout. "I can't wait to go to Korea!!".That day will arrive..I said to myself.

Solo backpacking..going through immigration, breathing Seoul's air, walking through the throngs in Dongdaemun, meeting my couch and WWOOF hosts, KTX to Busan, taking loads of autumn pictures, trembling so bad during winter (will I catch the cold flu, I really hate winter!) and watching Big Bang perform LIVE (*this one if I'm really lucky*). My imagination just runs wild.

Do I need to bring my laptop? I thought so many times, I like to travel light. Hmmm...

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Anonymous said…
So did you manage to meet G-dragon? Are you going for big show 2012?
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi there,
I haven't been able to and did not manage to. The teens in Seoul seems to look so much like G-Dragon which made me doubt if I could recognize him even if he passes me by. :D