How to Send Parcel from Korea

It has been more than two months after I left 'The land of the morning calm' aka South Korea for good. Do I miss her?

Strangely..not yet.

Maybe because I'm heading towards a new direction, a new challenge hmmm...a new me. Surprise!! ^^

Well...lets just say that, I will keep blogging about Korea but not as frequent as before.

Last few weeks, I received my parcel of 20 kg from South Korea. It took roughly 6 weeks to arrive home back in Malaysia although it was stated in the T&C, it could take the maximum of 8 weeks.

There was nothing much inside the box, really..accept books and loads of books and a few winter clothes with some sentimental values which I hang on to.

The officer asked me an alarming question though.."Please choose the options below if your parcel does not arrive within the stipulated time"

Option 1 - Return to sender
Option 2 - Resend via air parcel
Option 3 - Just let the parcel lost its way..hmmm...

I chose option 3. I know..I can be frighteningly 'cold' sometimes. Let it go Zarina...just let it go. *sigh*

Anyway, thanks to my good Korean friend I managed to bring over the huge load to the post office. Staying on the 4th floor of a goshiwon with no lift will burn me some calories definitely.

Get the correct size. (Price may differ now)

Step by Step

  1. Determine your country's zone here. Malaysia is Zone 2.
  2. Determine whether you want to send your parcel to your country via surface (ship) or air. For example to Malaysia; a 20 kg parcel takes about 2 months for about 41,300 won OR via air is 126,600 won for about 10 days. Check for your rates here.
  3. If you want to send via air, you may go to any parcel delivery center ie EMS center but surface shipment can only be done via KOREA post office. Well, I sent mine through surface parcel (by ship) right it would take between 50~70 days to Malaysia. Check the delivery standards for surface parcel here.
  4. Determine your parcel's box size. You have to ensure that you receive the CORRECT box's size by the post officer. An IMPORTANT reminder, you have to buy the box from the post office or EMS parcel center with the 'CORRECT' size of box according to your country's limit. Otherwise, incorrect box's size will be held by custom.
  5. Fill up the correct form. Air or EMS form is different from Surface form.
  6. If you pay the insurance or EMS, you could track your stuff here.

REMINDER: Do seal your package neatly and just duct-tape it as much as you can. Mine was wrapped nicely and tightly but after 6 weeks, the box was kinda 'well' handled. Thankfully the items inside were still intact.

Me sending my parcel at Dong-Incheon post office.

A sample of the form via Korea Post for Surface or Air (no EMS tracking).

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