Go-To-Mall Shopping Heaven

I am having withdrawal syndrome now as the weather is becoming warmer and warmer in Korea. Leaving this land of the morning calm is unavoidable and mentally challenging.

Summer is here and it's about time to do a lot of shopping!! I could wear them in Malaysia too...that's the best thing. Omo..omo...shopping is soooooo not me!!

I use to yawn, dragged my friends away from any shopping or SALE related places and hardly shop myself. Hardly had any appetite for shopping and pretty famous among my friends as shopping-mood-killer. Hahaha...

So when I found myself crazily shopping at Express Bus Terminal - Go To Mall, it seemed pretty alien; even to my dear self. Heh...

Go To Mall...where have you been? Why didn't I care about your existence until recently?

Not the best picture...I know ^^ but trust me...if your size is like
the Korean...slim and slender, you will be spoiled with choices!!

This place rocks my wallet man!! Nope...Go To Mall torn it to pieces T_T...literally. I never know that doing my math on my account real time is quite..err interesting. A word unknown to me before was mentioned so many times: deficit

Be ready to exercise your feet....there's so many shops and clothes to check out and you will hardly feel tired.

Well...without further ado I will rest my hand and my weakened heart over shopping at Go To Mall. Here, I introduce you a place that "you" should not miss when you shop for clothes.

You should be:

How to go to Go-To-Mall?

This is the entrance from Line 9, Exit 8, 8-1 and 8-2

By Subway

Take Line 3,7 or 9 to Express Bus Terminal Station. Make sure you find either exit 8, 8-1,8-2. This will lead you to the middle of Go-To-Mall entrance.

For example:

From: Ewha University Station, Line 2 ---> Express Bus Terminal, Line 3
Time: 33 minutes
Stop: 14 stations for 13.9 km
Transit: Euljiro-3-ga station
Fare: 1,150 by T-Money or 1,250 by cash (one way journey)

By Bus

If you speak or know Korean language, try to use this smart phone application: Seoul Bus 2
Key in: 고속 터미널
The buses going to Express Bus Terminal will be listed.

This is how Express Bus Terminal looks like.

Shinsegye is just next to it.

Check out DiscoveringKorea on Go-To-Mall Shopping center also known as Gangnam Underground Shopping Arcade (강남 고속 터미널 지하 상가).

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