Kim Sam Soon Staircase

I'm not a 사생팬 or you may call a crazy lunatic fan of K-Drama but I have this huge curiosity on why people come to Korea because of Hallyu Wave and K-Drama.

Some people would just throw the answer to my face as..그냥..."just because"...but I can't accept that as an answer.

I beg to be satisfied with an answer.."그래서 네가 피곤한 여자라고 그랬어.."...this one, I would not translate..up to your own imagination..hehe..

Ok..for a start, I hate winter..Korean winter especially. Do you know how bitter and evil can Korean winter be? This year is not an exception..the wind is the culprit!!

I'd rather hibernate but I just need that exercise, my body crave that walking and subway's staircase..pffftt...who would believe that?!! hehehe...

I decide to trace the Kim Sam Soon staircase...why, because I wasn't interested before and I am now..and I have become one of the '그냥' fan...huhu.

Anyway, this is because I watched 'Romantic and Idol - Episode 9' where Jong Hoon of FT Island and G.Na met for the first time!!

Like..OMG, I have seen this staircase before and I just need to find it being this would be my last winter in Korea or what not...I hope so.

How to go to Kim Sam Soon's staircase?

First of all, it depends on your course. I will explain the 2 courses here. Suits yourself.
Course 1 - After visiting Namsan Tower
Course 2 - Before visiting Namsan Tower

Tips: Pick a really good and bright day. But who doesn't know that yeahhh? heheh

Course 1

After visiting Namsan Tower, you can take either bus No 2, 3 or 5 down the hill and stop at Namsan Library bus stop. If you take bus number 2, you can take the next stop, which is nearer to the staircase. But if you don't want to wait for bus number 2, you can take any bus.

Yup..this is the bus.

Namsan Library bus stop is the first bus stop right after going down the hill, so make sure you press the bell after the bus starts moving down.

After that, just walk straight ahead until you reach a fly over, after that this tunnel.

Walk a bit more and you will find this planetarium kinda like building, walk pass this building

That's not Kim Sam Soon's staircase...just not yet..wait...

and you will find...tada....the Kim Sam Soon staircase.

Course 2

First, go to Namsan cable car station.
You can either walk up from exit 4 or 3 of Myeongdong Station towards Namsan Guesthouse up until the end of the hill;  here is the direction


use the elevator which is quite further located.

If you are at the main crossroad in front of Shinsegye near Namdaemun, 
just look over Namsan Tower and you will not miss this elevator from far.

Honestly, I'd prefer the exercise up to the hill from Myeongdong station, but if you don't want to sweat it, the elevator is always an option.

Once you reach the Namsan cable car station, walk to the right...just walk straight, you will see first zebra crossing..don't cross yet.

Walk until the second zebra crossing and you will not miss it. I promise.

My course?

I walked down the hill from Namsan Tower to the staircase. Aigoo...Zarina, you are such a pain in the a**!! Always take the difficult route eh??

Hehhee...The scenery is just so it!! I guess spring and autumn are better cause the route is lined up with cherry blossom trees from top to the bottom. *sigh..* I should have walked down last season..idiota...

Anyway, give it a shot..and don't forget to visit the Ahn Jung Geun's memorial museum (not related to Jang Geun Suk whatsoever..hehe) just right after the staircase. It's FREE.

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