Korean Halal Instant Noodle - Soon Ramen

Thanks to my Moroccan friend, Hasnah who has informed me about this Korean Halal Instant Noodle - Soon Ramen. She eats a packet a day!

I did actually went to Itaewon Mosque to reconfirm yesterday and I was given this Muslim Weekly Newsletter, edition 1076.

Look what I found! There's a section in page 14 stating:

Company name: Nong Shim
Product name: Soon Ramen

Website: Nong Shim

If you are able to comprehend Korean, the word 채식주의 (chaeshikjuee) means vegetarianism.
At least, that's what shown from the Naver dictionary's search.

This is the real product which I bought from the nearby market near my place. They don't usually sell only one packet. I tried to find in a few convenient stores but they don't sell Korean Halal Instant Noodle - Soon Ramen. 

I bought mine for 4 packets at 3,800won.

See 'No Meat'?

What I like about Korean Halal Instant Noodle - Soon Ramen?

Note: There is no Halal symbol on the wrapper but 'no meat' is written on it. Apparently Nong Shim refused to put Halal symbol as it might cause low demand for Soon Ramen with a weird symbol attached. 

On another different note..hehe..Lee Hyori and Brad from Busker Busker can now enjoy Korean Halal Instant Noodle - Soon Ramen too right? They are vegan! Woot woot!!

By the way , for Muslims stay clear from other type of instant noodles in Korea as they might contain traces of pork or pork bone. Even for seafood instant noodle.

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