Interview Exam in Sogang University


Sogang University Korean Language exam consists of mid term and final exam. Both exams equals to 100% of marks - 40% mid term + 50% final +10% miscellaneous ( attendance, assignment, class participation and etc.)

In each exam, you will sit for listening, reading, speaking and writing. I have sat for reading and listening, speaking and writing. In total there are 3 papers. Then the most nerve wracking is this week's exam which is interview.

The speaking class teacher will choose a partner by picking lots for each of the student and we need to practise around 8 types of daily Korean conversations. Don't worry cause you have your text book for guidance.

How do I tackle Sogang University interview exam?
My partner and I went to Lotteria, grabbed a 1,000 won coffee (Promotion price from 2pm to 6pm) and recorded our 40 minutes conversation with my reliable Sony Mp3 player. ^^

I love my coffee black at all times but sad to say that 
I need to throw in some sugar into Lotteria coffee

As told by my friends who have attended Level 1, my partner and me will be tested around 15 minutes for the conversations. Not all but if you've cleared one Korean daily conversation then you will be tested the next conversation until the 15 minutes end.

After that, you will have a one on one interview exam with the teacher, ALONE for about 10 minutes. My exam will be on Wednesday at around 10am and 12.50pm respectively. I'm so freaking out now cause I know that I will be a total klutz.

Sogang University emphasizes on speaking hence the interview exam. I don't know about other universities though. If you want to proceed to the next level you must exceed 70% from the total marks otherwise you need to repeat. Which I don't think I want cause the fees is quite a burden.

If you fail one part of the exams you are allowed to resit for that paper but if you fail two or more, you need to repeat the level.