Ring making at Ssamziegil,Insadong

Today we had outdoor class activity in Insadong!! But the weather was freezing cold and it was about minus 12 celcius when I walked out to the bus stop. Normally I don't wear gloves but today was my limit, I just had to otherwise my fingers would be so dry and terribly painful.

I was fascinated by this man's skill and wish I am that talented
but... What I love about Anguk Station is that they exhibit a lot 
of arts like this and Insadong, Chandeokgung palace and Samcheong-dong
(where many Hanok houses and Lee Min Ho's Personal Taste shooting location)
is just walking distance!

We; all the students from Level 2 (Sogang University) gathered at Anguk Station, Exit 6 at about 10am. My classmates participated except for one girl. We walked out from Exit 6 and walked really fast towards Ssamziegil (쌈지길). The shop's name was 체험공방 and located at the basement floor. Immediately turn left after you pass Ssamziegil entrance and head downstairs. All of us dominated the shop..hahaha.

Christmas decoration at Ssamziegil entrance.

We were offered between making a ring or phone strap but I chose ring instead because it's simple and I'm simply too lazy to design (actually I'm not creative..that's the real reason..shhhh! don't tell anyone ^^).

The bling-bling shell powder for our ring.

My ring for10,000 won. 

My classmates - ring team.

My classmates - handphone strap team. My teacher is on far left.

The shop where Jo Kwon and Gain made their couple ring
is just beside our shop . ^^