The Great King Sejong Museum, Gwanghamun

I won't be lying this time that I was pretty much influenced by the cast acting as King Sejong in Tree With Deep Roots (뿌리 깊은 나무). Hence the reason to visit The Great King Sejong Museum in Gwanghamun. Although I had visited the plaza before, it was only limited to taking pictures of his statue. Since today's weather is unexpectedly warmer than I forecasted so I decided to do some sightseeing after school.

King Sejong museum is nearest to Gwanghamun Station, Line 5 (purple), exit 5 and the entrance is located just behind the King Sejong's statue. You could access the museum from the Sejong Performance Arts building as well. How much is the admission fee? It's FREE. ^___________^

If you can't attend the FREE Korean cooking class
you could register for a small registration fee for 
another Korean cooking class during the designated 

Before entering the museum, me and Julia went to KTO plaza to pick up Seoul Pass for Julia and free 2012 KTO calendars. It's really easy, we just need to call 1330 (the KTO information hotline) to get the calendar. A friendly KTO officer approached us for free Korean cooking class which will be held this Friday the 16th December from 11am to 1pm but we have class at Sogang!! I even had the evil thought of skipping class for this free lesson but..I will think again tomorrow. Real hard..hehe. Before attending you need to reserve a spot by calling KTO as they allow only 30 persons maximum for the Korean cooking class.

If you want to get hefty discounts on arts or theater
performance, do call 1330 the KTO hotline before
you pay for the ticket. 

We didn't miss the chance to wear FREE hanbok
in KTO headquarter.

We called 1330 from KTO headquater to claim the FREE
2012 Calendar. Teehee..^^

This time we wear FREE hanbok in front of Sejong belt.

Changing of guards event the moment we arrived 
in front of King Sejong statue. Yeay!

This guy holding the 'shell' looks like 'Rain'! Hehe..

See? It's FREE. ^^

King Sejong's story starts here.

The entrance.

I like these simple but beautiful words of praises for King Sejong.

This PDA guide is also free. Just leave your national
identity card at the information counter in exchange.

Next to King Sejong's museum in General Yi Sun Sin's museum but
didn't properly walk through it as I had been to Tongyeong 
where a dedicated museum is solely built for him.

For the final touch, we had our name written in Hangul
for the visitor's wall.