Jeju Island Trip

We went to Jeju Island with T-Ways Airline at about 4.30pm flight and reached Jeju Airport at about 5.30pm. Sorry, I didn't get the chance at all..seriously to take the pictures of the airport. Our good ahjumma that I met at Gimpo Airport was so kind and sent us directly to Yeha Guesthouse.

The first taxi that we took 

Yeha Guesthouse had their own tour course for 80,000 won per day per person.
If you take one course, you will get 10,000 won discount and if you
take 2 day course, you will get 30,000 won discount. As we are on budget and I don't have an international license, so we decided to take a taxi to go from one place to another.

Ilchulbong - Sunrise Peak

From Yeha, we went to Ilchulbong and mid way, we found this pretty windmill and stopped by to take pictures. Once we reached Ilchulbong, the taxi driver's meter stated for 32,000 but he asked for 35,000 won. As I couldn't refuse such request, so I paid him 35,000 won.

Ilchulbong was really pretty but I had no power to hike the stairs up to the peak. We went down to see the haenyo instead but was disappointed because the performance starts at 1.30 pm and 3.00 pm only. Aigoo..

The entrance to Ilchulbong differs if you go by individual or group. As we are individual, it's a bit expensive - 2,000 won per pax. After taking pictures to our heart content, we walked down the hill to the small city down the road to find my 'Jeju tteok' - omegi tteok. But there's no tteok jip around and we hailed a taxi instead. The taxi driver told us that he could be a guide for the whole day for only 100,000 won. Aigoo..

Omegi tteok - Omegi Korean rice cake - the only one from Jeju

If we only know before we took the first taxi.

With the new taxi driver we went to many places.
1-went to Korean market to buy my korean rice cake
2-Jeongbang Waterfall
3-Cheonjeyeon waterfall
4-Jungmun Daepo Coast Jusangjeolli Cliff
5-Sonyeo bridge
6-O'sulloc tea farm

How much is the budget for our tour?
I will tell you in another post.