Ilchulbong Sunrise Peak

It's already passed 2 weeks and only now I have the time to review all these photos. Sorry everyone. :( I just finished my Sogang University's placement test today and I can easily breath.

The posts will be based on places that I have been and NOT by dates as most of them are backdated unless I clearly hint so.

Ilchulbong Sunrise Peak is the first place that I visited in Jeju Island with my two friends. For your information, Seongsan Ilchulbong means sunrise peak cause during the old days, Jeju islanders believe that the sun rises from inside the crater of Seongsan Ilchulbong.

We walked out of Yeha Guesthouse and grabbed a taxi from the main road. The taxi driver was kind and dropped us off for camwhoring near the windmills ^^ before reaching Seongsan Ilchulbong. He even called the tourism center to check the filming location of the Koreandrama 'Bad Guy' starring Kim Nam Gil. It was entirely my fault. Teehee..

By the way, you may use T-Money for public transportation in Jeju Island too.

As usual, all taxis are equipped with navigation or GPS and you 
could pay the fare by credit card too. 

This is the Jeju-si town in the morning at about 9am.

The huge windmills.

Flowers near the road.
The weather was rather cloudy and you could see all the similar
car lining up at the parking lot right? They are all rental cars.

There are a few shops selling souvenirs of Jeju Island and not
forgetting Dunkin Donuts!!

Those are the volcanic stones and the figurines are called 
Dol harubang. Dol = 돌 means stone/rock and  harubang = 하르방
means grandfather. 

If you walk down the path from Seongsan Ilchulbong, you could
see the haenyo = women diver. We couldn't see the performance
as they swim at 1.30pm and 3.00 pm only. We couldn't wait!

This was taken right near the beach.
The volcanic ashes and hardened lava turned to beautiful landscape.
So breathtaking!

Korean kids playing at the small pond fishing some crabs.
We still manage to watch the sunrise at 9am...hehehe.

Seafood sold at the nearby restaurant.

Beautiful...beautiful landscape!

Entry fee is 2,000 won per individual if you are coming by yourself.
More info at KNTO.

Ilchulbong Sunrise Peak is located on the east side of Jeju Island and if you are interested to explore the Olle course (Ollegil), it is in Olle course 1.