Sogang University's Admission Letter

I have received the admission letter!!

That means, a part of me is already there!! My Seoul? feels like a dream and I had to pinch myself several times. There are so much sacrifices done to study in Korea. A lot of dramas, dilemmas and heartache in this one life changing decision. No pain no gain. Hopefully it's gonna be a fruitful journey, Insya Allah. *cue - City Hunter's OST -It's alright*

It seems surreal that this time the reason I'm going mainly is to improve, to understand the language better which in the end helps me to comprehend the culture and the people better. *I might become a bookworm for a while*

I paid the fee around USD1,550 via Maybank's counter and have to pay RM25 processing charges and RM2 cable charges. The process is not viable via Maybank2U website as it needs the passport details of the recipient. So I had to go down to the bank personally to wire the fees.

Sogang university's representative received the money after 3 business days and informed me there are about 30,000 won extra from the fee I paid and I will get the money once I open a bank account in Korea.

So this is the much awaited admission letter for your eyes only. ^^

If you are planning to learn Korean in Sogang, you may refer to their official website: KLEC SOGANG

It's gonna be winter semester.
I hate cold.
I hate winter.
But it's a good time to study and hibernate.
I will become a bear. Zarina bear. 곰나나.