The heaviest downpour in Seoul in 104 years

Zati highlighted me on the flash flood issue in South Korea on the 27th July and I was pretty shocked that Seoul is practically submerged.

In Gangnam courtesy of

For those who are currently in Seoul or other affected areas; please be careful. We can never predict mother nature but we could always learn from this kind of incident.

It makes me thinking that I am fortunate to be here in Malaysia and wondering if mother nature is crying a lot because the earth is sick like fever or something like that..hehe my kinda twisted thinking. Moral of the story: Love our mother nature. Do your part to sustain it for our future generation.

Let's pray that South Korea will be better in no time and hopefully no more casualties due to this torrential rain and flash flood. Fighting!!

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CIKU said…
kami bru balik dr korea 25 july baru ni..terkejut jap
Zarina BT2K said…
tu la..I pun shocked! Alhamdulillah, you dah balik Malaysia before the incident.
iylia said…
am still in korea..the day it was flooding i was in gyeongju..went back to sepul the next day. alhamdulillah semalam dengan harini tak ujan..but forecast cakap maybe will start raining again on monday~
nu said…
it was pretty bad ya..
NanoNoons said…
salam. i love reading your blog. im so jealous that you have been travel to lots of country esp korea. im wondering, did you know how to speak korea? im curious how do you communicate with your korean friends and when you travel korean as many korean cant speak english..i alos wonder, are you student or working? i really love your blog. i know much things about korea by reading it. im so sorry if im asking too much hehe
Zarina BT2K said…
W'salam NanoNoons,
Thank you for loving the blog ^^
You don't have to be jealous, you could visit Korea too someday.

Initially I know nothing of the language except some survival phrase but I guess due to the immersion with the natives, I picked up some words here and there.

I'm currently working in Malaysia.