7 days itinerary in Korea : Part 2

This November 2011 will mark my third time going to South Korea as I love autumn and you should know this fact by now ^^, right? Ohh..and I have recently been enlightened that Malaysia also has the 90 days visa exception for North Korea. :O..hmm..going to North Korea might be a distant but yummy idea right?

I will be going with another two friends. They will arrive a day ahead of me while I will be travelling to Korea the next day. The goal is to explore places that I have not been before, however one of them is a first timer to Korea so I have to include those MUST visit places in the itinerary.

A sample itinerary 

Day 1
9.45pm - arrived at Incheon Airport by Air Asia
10.30pm - ride AREX + subway to Seoul
11.30pm - check in guesthouse, explore Myeongdong by foot

Day 2
7.00am - breakfast, check out guesthouse, leave the luggage at guesthouse
8.00am - Namdaemun
10.30am - Chandeok palace
12.30pm - Insadong and lunch
2.00pm - Cheongyecheon stream
4.00pm - Namsan tower, teddy bear museum
7.00pm - Myeongdong , dinner
10.00pm - my friends will go to Incheon Airport or they can opt for another night stay at the guesthouse and leave early morning the next day to Gimpo Airport but I will stay at Incheon Airport and take the earliest train to Gimpo Airport the next day.

Day 3
8.30am - flight to Jeju Island from Gimpo Airport *susceptible to the weather and flight delay*
10.00am -arrived at Jeju Island -tour the airport, breakfast
11.00am -check in Guesthouse
11.30am -rent scooter and check out Jeju Island until night

Day 4
7.00am -checkout guesthouse
9.00am - 6.00pm -tour Jeju Island
8.00pm -fly to Busan
9.00pm -arrived at Busan and check out the city
11.00pm -check in jjimjilbang at Gwangalli/Haeundae 

Day 5
7.00am -breakfast, checkout from jjimjilbang
8.00am - Yonggungsa
11.00am -Busan Mosque - lunch at Busan Mosque -Busan Tower -Jagalchi Market -40 Gyedan -Gwangalli Beach
4.00pm - if decide to take free shuttle bus from Busan to Seoul; free bus from Paradise Hotel, Haeundae Beach 16.00hrs arrived at Seoul 20:00 hours
12.00pm -if decide to take midnight train to Seoul

Day 6
6.00am -arrive at Seoul Station, leave the luggage at the station
8.00am - Nami Island by subway and train
2.00pm -check in guesthouse, ewha,sinchon,hongdae, shopping
6.00pm -Sindangdong tteokpokki  and Dongdaemun

Day 7
7.00am -Itaewon -Itaewon Mosque-Namsangol Hanok Village
12.00 noon -DMZ
6.00pm -Yeoido Park,63 building, shopping at Myeongdong

Day 8
5.30am - take the first subway to Incheon Airport ; checkout Seoul subway schedule here.
8.25am - fly back to Malaysia

Estimated budget ~ RM1,800 / 600,000 won excluding flight ticket and shopping


  1. Total actual days in Korea are 6 days
  2. This itinerary might not be suitable for those with children or elders.
  3. Time may not be accurate and just for estimation.
  4. Jjimjilbang is optional; the cheapest stay for about 12,000 won per night but may not be the most comfortable.
  5. Always have Plan B if your flight or scheduled get delayed or changed.
  6. Bring muscle pain reliever as the schedule is harsh, definitely if you're traveling with me. Hehehe. 
Anyone has better ideas to reduce the budget and any unbeaten paths to explore with this kinda time limit?

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