Sogang University

Hi everyone,

It's have been a long time since my last update right?

What have I been doing?

I have decided to pursue learning Korean for real (not that I haven't..hehe) but for serious. After so much hesitation, I chose Sogang University to study. Currently, I'm sending some required documents for the administration to process my application. My plan is to study for a year starting from this December 2011.

Here's the reply from Sogang University on my application:

"Dear Zarina Jani

Thank you for applying to Sogang University Korean Language Education Center (KLEC).

I need more documents to admit you to study in Sogang University KLEC.
So, would you please send your scanned passport, Alien Registration Card (if you have), bank statement (deposit over than 3,000 USD)  and diploma (transcript from university or college is possible) to me via e-mail. (KLEC must check that documents because of Korean Immigration Rules for foreign students.)

I will send a mail about your total tuition and Sogang’s bank information after I check your documents.

Thanks again for applying to KLEC’s 2011 Winter program. I look forward to meeting you soon at Sogang University KLEC."

Can't say whether I have gone nut or what, but this is really like a giant leap for me. There are a few things that I want to achieve by sincerely studying Korean but firstly, I just want to speak proficiently without stuttering. ^^ I would like to thank Heo Young Seang at BotheringSeoul for the motivation.

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Intan Syuhada said…
salam. akak, intan ni. :)
pursue kat sogang? menariknya..

bayar tuition fee sume tu sendiri ke?
berapa ye?
ke boleh mintak scholarship?
Zarina BT2K said…
W'salam Intan,

So far, the fees are personally paid by myself.

Tuition fee for 200hrs regular semester - 1,515,000 won
Application fee - 60,000 won
Books - about 60,000 won

Roughly about MYR4,600

This does not include accommodation, food and transportation.

I guess I need about RM10,000 per semester.
Intan Syuhada said…
Wahhh! pitam mata tengok.
banyak gila..

tapi ok la kan, pengalaman.
kalau amek winter course macam ni, boleh ke apply scholarship?
as far as i know, scholarships available for undergrad and postgrad je kan?

akak buat la lebih banyak entry pasal study kat Korea ni.
rasanya ramai yang nak tau.
termasuk saya.
Anonymous said…

tahniah...saya pembaca di sebalik ni jumpa search di intenet...terus follow mengunjunginya...semoga blog ini akan memberi byk info kpd yg berminat...teruskan usaha ...
Zarina BT2K said…

I will do more posts about this as and when the time arises. far, I am raising enough fund before going. ^^
Intan Syuhada said…
고마워요 언니.. :D

good luck for the fundraising. hehe
anticipating your new post! ^,^v
Kay said…
So cool, all e best. Nt sure if u remember that i did ask u abt a few qns on yr blog. I'm just back from Seoul. Missed out quite a few places and im thinking of going back again in Nov. If u are already there in Nov will like to meet u for a meal and near more of yr adventures in Korea. =)
jaja said…

waaa~~ akak! ok speechless...

see you in korea next year, boleh tak akak? ^^

eL_kZ said…
saya kagum dgn semangat akak

Zarina BT2K said…
Dear all,
Thank you for the moral support. It means a lot to me and makes me wanna fight harder for my dream.^^
mrs cekodok said…
wahhh bestnye!~ tuntutlah ilmu minal mahdi ilal lahdi..xkira dimana, klu kt minat, teruskan sj..I admire ur determination. Hope everything goes well~ Fighting!~
fiqahlee88 said…
Omona!! This is such a huge deal!! waah,tumpang excited skali lah. Hwaiting ye kak! Nt bleh sy visit akak skali,sy nk awl thun dpn! ^^ again,hwaiting!!!!
eka_alshahab said…
waa~~chukahae!!!but how long u gonna study there???omo!!chincha soo proud of u!!!huhuhu~~
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi Eka,
I will study for winter semester about 3 months. If Sogang's program suits me well then I will consider to continue. Some reviews told me Yonsei's program is quite good too.
^_____^V, we can meet now. I think it's awesome that you're taking another big step in your Korean studies. It's definitely very good program, but it's extremely fast paced. Good luck to you =P. We might even be in the same level, but I might be repeating level 2 again >__<
Anonymous said…
all the best zarina...really admire your determination to study korean...good luck... :-)

O~jie said…
oh...alien rupenye ko ni za..hehe..good luck beb!!aku doakan kua agar.... =^___^=
Zarina BT2K said…
hahha..aku alien ek?
Thanks babe, doakan aku. Amin.
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi Vynh,
Yup, we will meet ^^.
Yikes, your comment made me want to prepare a lot more before I come. @-@
Anonymous said…
You are going to LOVE the program. The teachers are amazing and 4 hours flies by. Love to have some dong dong ju with ya if you come. My classmates are great and we just study find and do Korean things to do. I can't believe that's all I do these days. So awsome!

Zarina BT2K said…
Hi Ryan,
Thanks for the encouragement. I can't wait to be there! ^^ Err..I think I can't drink Dong dong ju with you though. hehe
Unknown said…
Zarina 언니,

축하 해요! You are an inspiration. All the best.

Your avid reader
AiNa~ said…
nak tanya, kalu nak beli coat kat korea, price ok ker?agak2 mahal x dr beli kat m'sia
Zarina BT2K said…
coat in Korea is a lot cheaper and more fashionable compared to Malaysia if you know where to find it.

A lot of sale everywhere!! ^^
Rafidah said…
owh... I miss this post. Kak Zarina, tahniah! Good luck, sis! very proud with ur determination to learn Hanggeul!
Dorapah said…
Gosh .. this is so damn cool gal!!! Hebatnyer you.. pls put more info on this.. I also really interested to study seresly.. hehehe.. All the best !!
Zarina BT2K said…
InsyaAllah..God's will I will start the semester on 1st December 2011.

If you are really interested, checkout Vinh's blog for the process at