Gyeongju Bread or Hwangnam Bread

Danielle brought Gyeongju Bread or Hwangnam Bread when she visited me way back in mid January and I still had it in my fridge. Actually I had no idea that it was still in the fridge untouched until I rummaged through my fridge for tidbits. 

When I visited Gyeongju, I stopped by at one of the bakeries there and bought a box for Bun Sok and Joy. If I still remember it right, a box of 20 pieces was about 10,000 won. The taste? Heaven. ^^ This opinion is coming from a person who loves anything to do with red bean..hehe. So I'm a bit bias. 

If you have the time to visit Gyeongju, don't forget to try this cookies. Just ask anyone around for Gyeongju bread and they will be willing to show you the direction to one of the bakeries!^^ 

My only regret is that I didn't have enough time to visit Queen Seon Deok's graveyard. Next time maybe.

Gyeongju bread, also sometimes called Hwangnam bread (named after the district of its origin), is a local specialty of Gyeongju City,South Korea. It is a small pastry with a filling of red bean paste. Gyeongju bread was first baked in 1939 at a bakery in Hwangnam-dong in central Gyeongju. It has since become popular across the country and is produced by several different companies, all based in Gyeongju. It is sold at many locations in the city, and also at specialized stores around the country.[1][2]  Source: Wikipedia

Check out for Gyeongju Bread or 경주빵 and more information at KNTO website