Being Vegan in Korea

When I read Korea Herald today, I came across an article "Meat-free living in Korea: expat tips". Eureka!
Muslims are not vegan in particular but are religiously inclined to eat only permissible food according to Islam guidelines - Halal.

As many Muslim readers are concerned about food while traveling in Korea; this article will come in handy. Although, some might think twice of being vegan while traveling but for me; I have no problem at all. ^^ You can gobble meat as much as possible while you are in Malaysia, right?

A part of the article says : "People live happily throughout the country meat/animal-product-free. Mipa Lee, author of vegan blog Alien’s Day Out feels things are getting easier: “As more Koreans are making a conscious effort to eat less meat and more ‘well-being,’ organic, natural and slow foods, I think the demand for vegetarian fare is going up, and businesses are taking notice.”

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