War Memorial of Korea

The girls (Iris, Fiza, Nyna and Hanim) visited War Memorial of Korea in Seoul last Autumn and they claimed it was not that bad and quite an exciting place to marvel at. At least we get to know the reason why Korea is divided right? Not only that we know the Kpop idols lalala..but at least we know this much eh? hehehe..

Official website: https://www.warmemo.or.kr/eng/intro/message/message.jsp

How to go:
Samgakji Station, Line 4 or 6, Exit 12 - 5 minute walk
Namyeong Station, Line 1 - 10 minute walk
Check out here for the map.
Admission: FREE
Opening: 9:00 - 17:00

Myeongdong to Samgakji

8 minutes, 4 stops, 3.8km
900 won with T-Money, 1,000 won with cash´╗┐

More info of War Memorial of Korea at Wikipedia

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