English Speaking Travel Agents in Korea

I'm in the midst of consolidating a tourist guide list by Malaysian students currently studying in the universities in Korea. However, due to the university students are tied up with their study schedules so they will be doing it only during their holiday.

Alternatively, you may check with these English speaking travel agents in Korea for ground arrangement:

Grace Travel

Official Site: http://triptokorea.com/
Telephone no : +82-1644-8747
Fax no : +82-2-336-7334
Email: help@triptokorea.com

Cosmojin Tour

Official website: http://www.cosmojin.com/
Telephone no: 02-318-0345
24 Hour Calling Service (from overseas): 82-2-318-0345
Email: cosmojin@cosmojin.com

Global Tour

Official website:http://en.globaltour.co.kr/
Telephone no: 82-2-330-4036/ 330-4288
Email: geonkang@globaltour.co.kr

Happymize Tour

Official website: http://www.happymize.com/
Telephone no: +82-70-8627-8080
Fax no: +82-505-870-8080
Email: happymize@happymize.com

ALL4U Korea Tour

Official website: http://ggmland.com/
Telephone no: +81-908-962-4137
Fax no: +81-727-709-6631
Email: info@all4u-korea-tour.com
Note: Japan based company and they catered for Muslim Tour as well.

Source: TripAdvisor and Galbijim