Seonyudo Park - Part 1

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Bun Sok (Wwoof Joy's Farm) told me once that if I have to choose only one park, I should not miss Seounyudo Park. Unfortunately I still don't have the chance to make a trip to this awesome place.

Why Bun Sok; an environment lover herself thought the park is special?

"Seonyudo Park is an award-winning ecological park, created by the conversion of a former water treatment plant. The park successfully enhances Seoul’s liveability by providing a high-quality, environmentally responsible public space which is enjoyable and educational." - CABE

Check out mstrum for pictures and Design Seoul Tour for more info.

How to go

1. Subway line 2,  Dangsan Station Exit 1
    Take bus #605, 6623, 6631, 6632, 6633 and get off at Hanshin Apt.
    Cross over Seonyudo Bridge 

2. Subway line 2 or 6 to Hapjeong Station, Exit 8
    Take bus #604, 5712, 6712, 6716 and get off at Hanshin Apt.
    Cross over Seonyudo Bridge

Source: KNTO

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dillataib said…
u sure do know a lot about korea.
and it's just in 6 months time.!

n believe it or not,
i literally search ur blog to find
new places to go.

u know,other than myeongdong,hongdae,nami,etc.haha

got only two years left here.
when i read this informative blog of urs,i wonder where hv i been
during the past three years..hmm

so little place i went.
i envy u so much.haha
keep up the good work though.

이제 한국어 다 알아듣겠네요..^^
언니 짱!:)
Zarina BT2K said…

부럽지마세요..there's so many places that I've not been yet. You have the remaining 2 years to explore^^
한국어도 아직 멀어요