When is the best season to visit Korea?

All season of course!

Unless you want a panoramic view of Korea's beauty, you might have different preferences like me. I particularly dote on autumn for the breathtaking and spectacular sights it projects. But hey, people are unique with own worries and qualms, right?

Winter - late November till March

Visiting palaces during winter gonna be...grrrrr..*trembling with cold*

But throwing snowballs is fun!

Winter is a high season for tourist in Korea. Plane ticket and accommodation is slightly more expensive than the low season like autumn and summer. People are on Christmas and New Year's holiday mood hence the rate goes up.

However, due to global warming the weather has become crazier and crazier each year. Pretty unpredictable. I was on the phone yesterday with my friend; Yani (from Singapore) who is currently in Korea ( Christmas 2010 until early January 2011). According to her, the weather was about -20 Celsius when she reached Seoul! They stayed inside buildings for warm heaters most of the time to avoid the extreme cold. She couldn't last even 5 minutes outside with that kinda weather. :O

Hence, I always try to avoid visiting Korea during winter season.

Skiing and snowboarding activities
Winter Sonata moment
Winter fashionista - donning winter apparels

Reduced mobility
View is dull and somber
Extremely cold
Day time is shorter

Spring - End of March until early May

At Hangang Park

At Kyunghee University

Also considered as high season mainly because the sakura blossoms gonna bloom in this time of the year. It is an added value for those who want to visit Korea other than the nice weather. Springs means the start of schools, businesses and etc in Korea. Basically, the fiscal year starts around spring.
I bet the only preferred season to visit Korea are either spring or autumn. Weather and spectacular view wise.

Awesome weather

High season

Summer - Late May until September

Kids love running around this fountain during summer.
Heat busters!

A good season for backpackers because you don't have to wear layers of clothes and carry bulky luggages as in winter. Korean love summer. At least to my Korean friends that I know of. Although it's humid and they gonna be sweaty but they can't wait for summer because it's the time to hit the beach!!



Autumn - Late September until early November

Me with Tut on top of the carpet of autumn! ^^

My favorite! It's harvest season during this time where you get to celebrate Chuseok. So many fruits and crops on the market during this time and the view is breathtaking with the trees changing colors from yellow, red and brown! I love it while riding the bus or car marvelling at the beautiful mountains during autumn. Nuff said Zarina! Hehehe..

Can I say no Pro and Con here? Yes! *I'm such a bias when it comes to autumn..sorry ^^*

I have come up with 7 days itineraries under the pages tab: Sample Itinerary. Have a look!