Namdaemun Market @ 남대문 시장

I love it when the air is cool and crisp.
The sky is sparkling blue.
One fine day in Seoul.
I can't really remember where the building selling this stuff located.
When I arrived there, I met the place by accident while trying to
avoid the heavy rain. Just when I turned my head to the left, I
saw the bling shiny and I was almost blinded. The building
has a few levels, I just stopped at the lowest floor where they made
the brooches right there.
According to my friends who love accessories, the design of Korean
brooches are not the same as in Malaysia. I don't know how true it is cause
I don't really do shopping much. I'm a shop-not-a-holic..hehe..

멍게 - meongge. If you like raw food aka sashimi, try this.
The inside of 멍게 - meongge and eat it with gochujang - spicy sauce.
Pretty hanbok for the little ones at home.

How to go to Namdaemun Market
If you stay in Myeongdong area, it is pretty near and walking distance to the market.
It is located near to Hoehyeon subway station. Under Namdaemun-no (the main street to the north of the market) is an extensive underground arcade - Hoehyeon Underground Shopping Arcade

Myeongdong to Hoehyeon
2 minute, 1 station, 0.7km
900 won by T-Money, 1,000 won by cash
Hoehyeon subway station, Line 4, exit

What to shop at Namdaemun Market
You can shop for souvenirs to bring home but I suggest that you can get better choices in Insadong.
Tourist spot by walking distance from Namdaemun Market
Video courtesy of Andyhwaiting

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Pictures courtesy of Iris, Fiza, Nyna and Hanim

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