KTX - Korea Bullet Train

This might sound ridiculous to you but one of the things that I wanted to try in Korea was riding KTX (Korea Bullet Train). I guess there are so many reasons why tourists want to visit Korea, right? ^^ Albeit a silly one like mine.

The history of KTX
Official Website: KTX
The Korea Train eXpress (KTX) is South Korea's high-speed rail system, which connects the capital Seoul to Busan and Mokpo. Operated by Korail, the system's technology is largely based on the French TGV/LGV system. The KTX service holds in excess of 65% of the total route market share between Seoul and Busan, and transported around 37 million passengers annually since 2006 (Source: Wikipedia)

Say hi to Taeyang, Seungri and G-Dragon (Big Bang) from Yongsan Station.

I waited until both of my friends arrived in Seoul and we decided to take the shortest route from Seoul. The three of us checked out Yongsan electronic complex first and rode the KTX Korea Bullet Train later. Shopping comes first! Hehehe..

Our coach is lucky number 6!

From Yongsan to the nearest KTX Station CheonanAsan costs about 13300 won (~MYR40) and the duration was 35 minutes. It was cheaper compared to JR Nozomi Bullet train in Japan which was around MYR75 for half an hour in 2007

This KTX is bound for Gwangju.

KTX ran at maximum speed 305km/hour when we rode the train. Overall, it was a pleasant ride, but the space between seats is not that spacious considering it as a bullet train. Some of my Korean friends consider KTX fare is quite expensive. When a bullet train passed through Cheonan Asan Station, we heard an explosive sound, almost like a bomb. Amazing!

People waiting for their train at Yongsan Station

A KTX train passed by beside us in one blink!

KTX schedule at Cheonan Asan Station.

On the way back we took another type of train called
Saemaeul from Cheonan Asan to Seoul.
It set us off at 9,100 won but the time taken was 1 hour 08 minutes!
Now I know what's the meaning of the saying - Time is money. ^^
We win some, lose some. Save some money, lose some time.

Where can you grab a bullet train in Seoul?
  1. Seoul Station
  2. Yongsan Station

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