Korean Poem

When I took the bullet train from Yongsan to Cheonan Asan; I found one beautiful Korean poem. Although I didn't understand a single word at that moment but I was amazed at the beauty of Korean calligraphy. A month later, I met Mr Lee from Santisuk who is a serious learner of Korean calligraphy. Talk about coincidence! ^^

Mr Lee; an amazingly talented teacher perfecting his art.

After checking with Mi Hyeon 언니 for translation of the poem, she told me that the poem is about autumn! Second coincidence in a row. Arghh..I am so much in love again and again with autumn.

The poem goes like this:

Title: 그리움

Poet: 맹 주 상

갈변이 머무는
강당골 어느 초당
매운 고추 배를 가르고
알토란 캐던 아낙네들
긴 그림자
그 눈시울이 붉다

Year: 이천팔년 2008
Time: 하늘 높은 계절
Pen Name: 소하-이천섭
He has written this 씀
Mi Hyeon's translation
어느 강당 옆 작은 초가에
한 노인이
매운 고추를 반으로 가르고 있다
저녁이 되어
토란 캐던 여자들의
그림자가 길어지고
눈빛도 노을처럼 붉어진다

English Translation:

Leaves turned brown in fall
It was during one fall afternoon,
I saw an old man sitting at a small thatched cottage
Separating spicy peppers into halves
Women were digging out taros
As time goes by, their shadow getting further away
Finally their face and eyes turned red reflection of the sunset
Perhaps I miss this peaceful sight

Check out Wikipedia for Korean poetry and Shi.

Note: Anyone can translate this poem better? Tell me!! Although Mi Hyeon has done her best there might be other different interpretation.