Hwaseong Fortress

As promised, a post on Hwaseong Fortress.^^

I ranted about Sungkyungkwan Scandal Korean drama before and mentioned a bit about King Jeongjo and his desire to move Joseon Dynasty's capital to Hwaseong Fortress.

Hwaseong (Brilliant Castle/ Fortress), the wall surrounding the centre of Suwon, the provincial capital of Gyeonggi-doSouth Korea, was built in the late 18th century by King Jeongjo of the Joseon Dynasty to honour and house the remains of his father Prince Sado, who had been murdered by being locked alive inside a rice chest by his own father King Yeongjo having failed to obey his command to commit suicide. Located 30 kilometres (19 mi) south of Seoul and enclosing much of central Suwon including King Jeongjo's palace Haenggung,UNESCO designated the fortress a World Heritage site in 1997. The Suwoncheon, the main stream in Suwon, flows through the centre of the fortress. (Source: Wikipedia)

Sungkyunkwan University also has another campus in Suwon. 

All pictures are courtesy of my friends; Hanim, Iris, Marina and Fiza who just recently returned from Seoul. 

A mural done on floor before the entrance of Hwaseong Fortress

The entrance

There's a reason why you can see soldiers here. 

Here is the filming location for DaeJanggeum
 Jewel of the Palace Korean drama.

Maybe this is how Lee Seon Joon studied during the old days.^^

The room where King Jeongjo discussed the nation's affair with 
his officials.

Some of the belongings of King Jeongjo's are exhibited here.

The original portrait of King Jeongjo and the reason why 
there are soldiers hovering the place.

The gate to Hwaseong Fortress.

Happy Suwon!

Check out KNTO article on Hwaseong Fortress. and the unsuccessful attempt of King Jeongjo to make Suwon the nation's capital here.

Hwaseong Fortress: 1,000 won. Hwaseong Haenggung: 1,500 won

Getting There
The fortress (Paldalmun Gate) is a 20-minute walk from Suwon Station, Line 1.

From Myeongdong to Suwon by Subway
1 hour 8 minutes, 25 stops, 41.4km
1,600 won by T-Money, 1,700 won by cash
Transit at GeumJeong Station.


Famous people from Suwon 

Park Ji Sung - Manchester United footballer. Park Ji-Sung grew up in Suwon 
but was born in Seoul, in 2005 a city street  in Suwon was renamed after him.

Jo Kwon - 2AM's leader; second from left.

Ha Ji Won - actress of SBS's currently airing drama - Secret Garden

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