Pat Bing Su

You must try this!! Although it is very good particularly during summer.

I tried Pat Bing Su twice in Incheon when I helped Min Young during Parents Day and Children Day. The taste reminds me of ABC or Ais Kacang in Malaysia but the texture of shaved ice was coarser. In some places you can choose different toppings and the sight of pat bing su itself is already tantalizing.

I tried this with Min Young at a shop near Bupyeong Station.

This one at a cafe' in Home Plus.

Patbingsu or patbingsoo (팥빙수) is a very popular snack/dessert in South Korea, especially during the sweltering and humid summer season.[1] This snack originally began as ice shavings and sweetened azuki beans (known as pat).[2] It was sold by street vendors. In contemporary culture, it has become a very elaborate summer dessert, often topped with ice cream or frozen yogurt, sweetened condensed milk, fruitsyrups, various fruits such as strawberrieskiwifruit, and bananas, small pieces of tteok (rice cake), chewy jelly bits, and cereal flakes.[3] (Source: Wikipedia)

Pat Bing Su from Cold Stone
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Pat Bing Su from Lotteria

Pat Bing Su from Red Mango
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You could try pat bing su at any shopping complexes's food court too. 

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