Kim Nam Gil - Bad Guy/나쁜 남자

Since the drama has ended on 5th August in Korea, I think I should bring your attention to this unimaginably talented actor; Kim Nam Gil.

Kim Nam Gil is well known as the character Bidam in Queen Seondok (sageuk drama) but in his latest drama - Bad Guy, he is just stunning and shining! Changing his stage name from Lee Han to his real name; Kim Nam Gil was a wise move. The name Kim Nam Gil fits him perfectly.I felt a bit regret now that I have to wait for another 2 years before he could act; he is now in Army since 15th July.

His acting is superb. Period.
I don't know when and where he surfaced from but since Queen Seondok, he is been in demand. I think he left us with a masterpiece so we will crave for him more later. Every smirk, chuckle, smile, and stare were just too real to think that it was just acting.

All the actors and actresses put their best foot forward in Bad Guy drama and I wonder why the drama's rating is so disappointing? Maybe the drama genre is dark and heavy I guess. What attracte me to the drama was how smooth the transition from one plot to another. The drama was not similar as most dramas where we could predict the development of the story. It pulled me and my friends and we were glued.

Try downloading the drama from MediumQuality and the subtitle from WithS2

The drama was directed by Lee Hyung Min , the director for another awesome drama starring So Ji Sub - MISA. Although I have some grudges towards the director for making a cliché ending (just like MISA) but I  applaud him for his fine camera shot, angle and whatever that makes the drama so entertaining from the first second to the last. It seems as though I was watching a movie in one seating although the drama has 17 episodes.  That's how good the quality of the picture is. Almost like a movie.

Wait..another point for compliment; The Bad Guy/나쁜 남자 OST. Download them here.

I need another scoop of Bad Guy. ^^ So addictive!

What do you think of Bad Guy drama? Has anyone watched it?