Chongyang-sa Temple

I visited the Joy Farm again for the third time. We sow the pepper plant at a new plot. This time they aimed at double the amount of last year which was 2,000 plants. I am glad that I could help them even though my back was killing me.

I stayed there only 5 days this time because I had to return to Santisuk to celebrate Ratana's 100 day party.
They had another friend helping them when I was there but I totally forgot his name. Korean name is pretty hard to remember..haha or maybe I'm getting older?

Joy sent me and the ahjusshi to visit a nearby temple called Chongyang-sa Temple. It was about 1 hour drive from Bonghwa. The view was amazing and weather was cool. Nothing over the top, just nice. However, as expected this temple was situated on top of a hill; a pretty steep road ahead of us. Aigoo..I hate hiking but the ahjusshi really love hiking so I had to suffer for a while. He laughed at me all the way up to the temple.

 Chongyang-sa information. back!!
Water from the earth, good for health
and full with minerals.

It was drizzling when we arrived, so the sky was still

Could you see that steep staircase? Good for that ahjusshi
but not for me T_T

This ahjushhi has been to many Asian countries 
when he was younger. I love hearing his stories 
eventhough he couldn't speak any English. Arghh..
I really want to be fluent in Korean faster!!

The temple view from above.

Hmm..I don't know whether a bell is a must or not at 
a temple in Korea. Why there were a lot of bells all around Korea? 
A Korean friend told me that during thekingdom period, 
the bell was used for the commoners. The King wanted the 
commoners to request help directly from King by hitting the bell. 


I  was here around 15th May and the Buddha's 
Birthday celebration was coming on May 21st; 
hence the lantern. The date changes every year
based on lunar calendar.

A small Buddha statue


Flowers around the temple

We thought of visiting a korean painter here but the
house was locked and we just wandered around
the house.

The gate keeper. Spooky..

A locked rest room