CN Blue and Glay in my eyes

Is CNBlue a prodigy?

Honestly, I don't even know how to handle any musical instrument but like everyone I love listening to music and great songs. Most of the time, without any doubt, I would always choose talent over look. I am attracted to it when I see one with talent. Talent is synonym to pheromone for me. CNBlue gives out that exact good vibes to me when listening to them.

I have been listening to Glay since I'm 17 so when CNBlue came into picture, they made me want to hear Glay again. Out of nowhere. The similarity between CNBlue and Glay is that they gave strong live magnetic performance on stage (like every single time) and I prefer both of their live performance than the studio recorded version.

CNBlue is a fresh from the oven Kpop band in Korea and just debuted on 14th January but had their earlier indie stint in Japan around June 2009. I can't help but to compare CNBlue with my all time favourite JRock band Glay (undeniably genius), in talent but not fashion wise. This blog is everything about Korean but I had to include Glay at least in this post.

In my humble opinion,
Teru  = Yong Hwa (both of them are good singer and gives strong pull to the fan and crowd when they speak)

Hisashi (minus the voice) = Jong Hyun (has the look, but Hisashi blows me away when he plucks his guitar)

Jiro = Jung Shin (I hope Jung Shin will be as good as Jiro, cause Jiro could sing Shutter Speed and rocks with his bass guitar effortlessly)

I can't put Min Hyuk here because Glay only have guest drummers.No one in CNBlue that I could compare with Takuro. Takuro is such a genius in composing great songs.

Glay from left - Jiro, Takuro, Teru and Hisashi

CNBlue from left - Jung Shin, Jong Hyun, Yong Hwa, Min Hyuk

My all time favourite Glay song: - Summerdays (although I have so many favourites, but had to choose one)
Summerdays feels like summer everytime I listen to it.

My favourite CNBlue's song - Now or Never

My wish is for CNBlue to be a legend just like Glay. CNBlue, hwaiting!!