Teaching English to Korean Kids

It is not an easy feat. English is my second language and so are they. The harder part was that they learn English pretty late and you can't compare the rural and urban kids' english level. It's pretty rural here in Nodong-ri, Jinbu, Gangwondo. Most of the houses here would be either tending to their farms or guesthouse business. According to Nandida, all the resort/pension/motel/guesthouse here are catered to winter and as preparation for Winter Olympic 2018 bid in Pyeongchang. Wow...another 8 years!! I hope Kim Yu Na's popularity could boost the bid.

I don't expect much from my little students for a mere 2 hours of English everyday. It's simply unnerving when your student can't even remember the A-Z alphabet. Plus, they whine a lot when given exercise. That just blew my top off! Aigoo..but I came to realize: It is not an easy task to learn a language

It took me years to study Japanese and I still learn it until now. So my goals for this 3 months for them :
1. To have confidence seeing a foreigner and speak english
2. To broaden their vocabulary
3. To instill in them the value of learning continously

I had some glitches earlier on how to make the classes fun and enjoyable but internet has supported my syllabus incredibly. Kids like to listen to songs and appreciate colourful images. Thanks to these websites:
1. British Council - Learning English For Kids
2. Free ESL Flashcards

PS. It helps if you are interested in korean language/culture/entertainment before you teach korean kids. Sometimes, I sing/listen to the latest KPOP songs with them in class.