Gwangcheon - Part 1

P/S - These pictures are just good poses but only God knows what we've been through.

Before we knew the place is like hell - all smiles.

I only started taking pictures after 2 days which explained why I had no mood to take pictures at all. Really hate this experience!!

We ate loads of fruits like apples and persimmons.

Koguma - keledek/yam/sweet potato

Cause this farm is sooooooo big, we had middle school students helping us. They were tall and we hardly believe that they are middle school students! :0

Cute eh? I like the specky one with the cap cause he reminds me of HERO.

So big and super heavy. action. Loos fun? Try doing this from 9 am to 5 pm..hehe. You will know the pain.

The tools needed.

Passing the radish.

Strange radish.

They rode this in between farms.

Apple trees.

kitchen helper...miahaha

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