Gwangcheon - Part 2

The cookies that we ate while surfing the net at the mart.

This is organic rice which contains rice, black beans, yellow beans and etc. So healthy!

What we ate at the wedding ceremony. Hobak juk - squash porridge (the yellow one) and as usual my favorite- tteok..

This is where we surf the internet.

Inside the mart.

The groom waiting for the bride.

So beautiful couple!

The church that will be in our 'memories' forever and ever....aigoo..

Snow in the morning. Super duper cold.

Eventhough it was cold we still wanted to eat icecream..hehe..crazy!

Gwangcheon market.

The railway track behind. I feel like I was in Kluang, Johor.

Gwangcheon city.

A train passed by.

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