Tongyeong - Part 4

What I really like about Tongyeong is that there are so many things to do and interesting places to go eventhough it's just a small island. I went to this park during the day but the fountain show is only done at night. T_T

The fountain that is beautiful only at night. Yikes...

Traditional Craft Hall. The craft are made from shells. So beautiful and expensive.

This could cost around USD2,000 t0 USD 18,000 per piece.

After that I walked into an undersea tunnel. Told you..Tongyeong is so unique!

I walked to this market with a 'crazy' man. He just refused to leave me alone and kept saying I was beautiful x 1 million! He really freaked me out! I ignored him and bought my favourite tteok here. The lady was very kind to sell me 2 packet for 2,000 won. Kamsahamnida!

Later, I went to Cheongryeolsa.

General Lee Sun Sin's potrait.

Eating my tteok.

There are a few streets dedicated to artists of Tongyeong and some of their pieces decorate the pedestrian walkaway.

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