Now I'm in Jangheung

I'm sorry for the delayed post. Currently I'm in Jangheung, about 1 hour from Gwangju. I stayed alone for 5 days here in an empty alternative school. Scary? Hmm.. a bit. The school is so silent at night and no TV, no radio, no internet. I'm lucky I have my LapT to kill the time. If not..aigoo..hehee.

Cause I'm pretty busy helping my host to harvest his yellow, green and red rice (yeap..this is my first time seeing it), raising cow, harvesting garlic and onion too ; I really don't have the time to upload any picture now.

I came here on 26th October. Ollergi sent me off from Tongyeong bus terminal. I set off for Jinju in hope that there's a direct bus to Jangheung but OMG..haha Ollergi and Mr Han were wrong! Ngehehe..After visiting the famous Nongae shrine in Jinju for a good 1 hour, I bought a ticket to Sunchon (1 hour) and then to Jangheung (1 hour and a half).

Geoje to Tongyeong - Ollergi sent me by car (30 minutes)
Tongyeong to Jinju - 4,400 won by bus (1 hour )
Parked my 2 heavy bags at Courier center - 4,000 won
Nongae shrine - 1,000 won
Jinju to Sunchon - 6,100 won by bus ( 1 hour )
Sunchon to Jangheung - 7,700 won by bus ( 1 hour and a half)

Total - 23,200 won

P/S I can't promise on the pictures. Will upload it when I have longer time to use my host's PC

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