POW camp in Goejedo

Geoje Island's POW camp

I thought of staying home on Saturday after sending the university students off to Mameul Island but Ollergi insisted me to tour Geoje city. Her husband's friend suggested me to visit POW camp. POW - Prisoner of War. It was a war between North Korean and South Korean and the prisoners were put in Geoje island. Later the prisoners were divided between pro or anti -communist.

There were so many visitors from all over korea. It took me 1 hour to go to Geoje city from Okdong by bus. The cost was only 1,000 won one way. Once I reached bus terminal, I took a taxi for 3,000 won to the POW but it was so near..sheesshh... I should have walked for a good 20 minutes while enjoying the city. POW entrance was 3,000 won and later I bought some items from Tony Moly! Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) is the ambassador. What I really like about cosmetics shops in Korea is that they give loads of sample for FREE! I love it!!

Look carefully!! This is an open toilet ;)

This is priceless. The guy willingly become my model to pee pee..miahaha.

The only Halal mart at bus terminal I could find in Geojedo.