How to ask direction/location in Korean

Apart from greetings which is important to be courteous in Korea, asking directions is also vital to get to the correct location. If you are not so good at reading map like me ^__^ you should ask for help from Korean. There were many occasions where I just grabbed someone and asked for directions.

But the hardest part is to understand what is the reply from the Korean. ^__^

Normally, my question would be:

1.Start with greeting - Anyonghaseyo.
2. You can use either of this.
(Location) eodi e yo? - where is (Location) ?
(Location) ka go shipo yo - I want to go to (Location)
(Location) eottoke ka yo? -How do I go to (Location) ?

Example - 이태원역 어떻게 가요? - Itaewon yeok eottoke ka yo? - How do I go to EE-tae-won station?

Korean's answer.

1. Anyonghaseyo OR they just nod at you and seems curious.
2. They will look at the map for Korean words of the location that you want to go. (It is important to have the map/the place name in Korean words...cause your pronunciation might be way off!)
3. Their direction varies
yeogi - here
keogi - there
jeogi - over there
wen pyeon e isso yo- It's to your left
ape - in front
dwee - at the back
genchoe - near / in the vicinity
yeope - beside / next to

P/S I'm not a Korean Language expert but I recommend KoreanClass101 for you. Learning is more enjoyable with them!

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