Korean Questions to me

What is your name?
Me: Zarina
Their response: Ahh..Ja Ri Na.

But they simply could not pronounce it. There is no letter Z in Korean's hangul. Hence they pronounce it Ja-Ri-Na. Aigoo..my name. Ottoke? And they thought Ja is my surname and my name is Ri Na. Cool..I have a surname now. Though my father's name is Jani. Shortened to Ja instead. Sorry dad, not my fault. Kekeke..

Which country are you from?
Me: Malaysia.
Their response: Kuala Lumpur?? Petronas Twin Tower?? Korean built that!
Me: Really?? I didn't know that.

How old are you?
Me: 31
Their response: You look young!!
Me: Dangyunhaji!! (Of course!!) Hahaha..All my previous boyfriends are younger than me :)

What is your job?
Me: Computer ( I have very little korean vocabulary to explain my job further ^^)
Their response: Wahh..

Do you have boyfriend?
Me: No
Their response: I have brother/cousin/friends/students who are single. Do you want me to introduce them?
Me: What???!! No!! I'm not into a relationship now..thank you. (Reason: Cross culture is even harder to understand when you interact with body and sign language most of the time. It is fun, I know..;))

and always..they like to compliment - You are so pretty!
I know, they are just being courteous. I accept the compliment, cause it is rare to receive in Malaysia. Hehehe..

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