Ollergi and Yeondae Island

I went out at 10 am from Danielle's home and waited Ollergi at Turtle ship. She woke up at 11am!! Because of the budget presentation to raise fund for Yeondae Island. Pity her. So her brother accompanied me around 1 hour for a tour in Turtle Ship museum. After that Ollergi picked me up and drove to the nearest island. From there we took a 10 minute boat to Yeondae Island. The neighbourhood welcomed me warmly and even invited me to eat Jaesa Bap - ceremonial food for remembering the dead. I stayed one night at the island and ate the freshest sashimi in the island! I am so lucky!

Posing at General Yi Sun Sin's beautiful poem with Ollergi's brother.

Ollergi's friend.

The Grand Blue bridge.

The nearest island to Yeonde island.

I love boats...

Marvelouse view.

We arrived in Yeondae island!

Yeondae Island only have 50 people living there.

Jaesa Bap.

This vegetables are good!

I stayed here - a 300 years old house.

The names of dead family.

He's making a 'tukun'. I don't know what it is in English. Miahahaha..

They grow fishes here.

Eco island signboard.

This is the farm where Ollergi grows the flower seeds.

White or pinky flower.

The seed.

Another flower for the project.

Beautiful flower.

Third flower.

Fourth flower.

The seeds.

This will be the place to grow the flowers according to the plan.

In between picking the seeds, Ollergi asked for some FREE coffee from these guys. Hahaha..

5th Flower.

So much pumpkin on the island.



Lots of it.


We dried the seed for one day.

Dried pumpkin for winter.

I just love this private beach for myself.

My tired feet.

Yeondae from above.

My freshest sashimi!

They just melt in my mouth.