Making Songpyeon for Chuseok with Chi Won's family

Tomorrow is Chuseok festival in Korea. It is for the harvest season in October; they wish for good harvest produce for the year. I bugged Chi Won to teach me how to make Seongpyeon hahah. There's a korean saying which is..if you make beautiful Seongpyeon, you will have beautiful children. Chi Won's family said that my first Seongpyeon is pretty. I will have beautiful daughter, but the second seongpyeon and onwards is not pretty so I said that that will be my son. They will be ugly son but rich. Hahaha.

So here are some of our pictures:

Chi Won is kneading the dough for green seongpyeon

The sticky rice flour dough

Mom is making the white seongpyeon dough

Chi Won and her mom


A picture before we start the hard work..hahaha

Chi Won trying the baju kurung I brought. So tomorrow she will wear baju kurung and I will wear hanbok. Yeahhh...

Chi Won in Baju Kurung.

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