Chuseok with Chi Won's family

Before the relatives visited the family during lunch, me and Chi Won decided to walk along the stream and climbed a small hill behind her home. I was out of breath. Hahah..I know I'm lazy to exercise. The weather was around 13 degree celcius but it was sunny. Yeay!!

Korean don't really wear hanbok anymore except for special occasion like wedding and it is only worn by close family or relatives. The tradition is slowly disappearing among younger generation as Chi Won said. They prefer to wear casual or western attire.

But today me and Chi Won exchanged our culture through our clothes and she agreed to wear my Baju Kurung haha. She is pretty wearing it and she said that it is so comfortable not like hanbok.

My shadow of me and Chi Won near her home. The weather was crisp and cool.

Cosmos flower. Chi Won said that it is a lot during autumn.

Duck along the stream.

Autumn has started.

I like this!

An elementary school behind her home.

Cosmos flower again.

Me climbing the hill this time. Out of breath!!

Just like the FRIM forest reserve except that the forest is dry rather than wet.

A grave.

Me and Chi Won exchanging culture.

Wearing hanbok while exercising. Hahaha.

Chi won's younger brother playing my favourite piece by mozart. It was a romantic song. Chi Won and her brother could play both piano and violin. They have watched the Nodame cantabile drama from Japan hahaha..Chiaki sama and Nodame.

This time Chi Won played a piece by Liszt for me. It was hard!!

Then, both of them playing a duo with a simpler piece but it was still beautiful to my ears. Chi Won's brother is the violin lead in the orchestra. Awesome!! Both of them are doctors. A family of geniuses but very down to earth.

Then we took the whole picture family:
From top -left : Samuel (Chi won's cousin), Chi Won's father, Chi Won's mother, Chi Won's auntie, Chi won's ex-auntie ( her uncle passed away)
Bottom: Me, Chi Won and David (Chi won's ex-auntie's nephew)

Playing Go - Stop

Then me and Chi Won visited another of her auntie near Gangnam bus terminal cause her grandmother is there. The weird thing is her grandmother can speak Japanese. Yatta!! So I could converse with her and it was really fun cause I can practise my Japanese hahaha. During Chuseok, I have spoken broken korean, broken japanese and almost broken english. Hohoho..

From left: Chi won's younger cousin (studying 5th year in medical), Chi Won, auntie, younger grandmother and grandmother

Me with the family. Peace!!

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