Koguma day

I had a free day on Friday (in Okdong, Geoje island) cause last night we were home late for the Yeondaedo fund celebration. As always, nice dreams don't last long. 5 exchange students from various universities in Daegu came to Ollergi's house. There goes my sweet dreams.

They planned to go to Mameul Island which is a very unique island. Before that, Ollergi needed their help to harvest the koguma in her farm. Koguma = sweet potato. Her sweet potato is different! It wasn't purple like normal cause the compost/soil has different proportion when they grew the seed. Hahaha.. Hence the sweet potato is ...isange --weird..hehe.

The students who came were -
Mikka - Finland
Antoine - France
Yui - Hyogo, Japan
Kyoko - Osaka, Japan
Hwang Hyun Jin - Daegu, Korea

Mikka loves Koguma so much!!

From left - Yui, Hyun Jin and Kyoko

These were only from one row..aishh..

The leaf is for kimchi! I guess Korean use almost all vegetables and available leaves for kimchi..I am now officially turned into a cow..ngehehe.

Cute caterpillar.