Seoul Grand Sale : 26th September - 25th November 2009

Another 16 days before I go.

What am I doing now?

I am doing my japanese homework on my tiny desk. What?!! Japanese??!!

Hehehe..I have a fetish of Yui-Tokyo song nowadays (I swear that it is worth a listen to!) and there is one word 'darake' in the lyric that bugs me so much. Yikes..You must be wondering why I study japanese instead of korean?? Hmm..To tell the truth, I learn japanese for some years before I learn korean and simply can't put that 'kawaii' language off my head.

Seriously, I am diverting from the topic now. Zarina, get back to earth!

Well, if you even care what 'darake' means, JGRAM has it in detail. The site has a banner on Seoul Grand Sale and instantaneously I clicked on it.

Seoul Grand Sale : 26th September - 25th November 2009 on youtube and it's official website.

Hmm..I'm not a shopaholic and particularly hate shopping malls. Hehe..I just hate crowds. It makes my head spins. But some of my friends really like shopping and great bargains so it might be an advantage for those visiting Seoul on that particular time.

Go and splurge!!

The official site has various discount coupons for foreign visitors such as:


1. 10% discount on observatory admission at N Seoul Tower
2. Buy 1 free 1 for Korean movie ticket at Lotte Cinema
3. 50% discount on foreign exchange commissions at Hana Bank
4. 30% discount on regular course at Myeongdong Sauna
5. 3,000 won discount on admission at COEX Aquarium
6. 10% discount on city tour bus
7. Seoul Museum of History - Free admission for foreign visitors after showing a coupon
8. 30% discount on 63 Sea World, 63 Sky Art, and 63 Art Hall


1. 20% discount on a room at Seoul Backpackers
2. 20% discount on a room at Holiday in Korea Hostel
3. 20% discount on a room at TravelersA