I'm heartbroken..

As always, what you plan is NOT what you get. T__T . I'm heartbroken.

Shall we sing GDragon's tune?

"H1N1..Yo ma heart heart heart heart heart breaker
What did I do wrong
Yo ma heart heart heart heart heart breaker
No way no way"

H1N1 force is so strong that it made Korean finally call it quits or even postpone some of the major festivals. I have meticulously plan my trip and book my board near the festivals' locations namely Gwangju Kimchi Festival, Chungjangno Festival, Photonic Expo and etc.

I have been warned by people dearest to me about H1N1 but I just couldn't believe it!!
Why..oh why..I really need a box of Kleenex.
Mom, I really want to go to that Kimchi Festival!!

Brian in Jeollanam-do has all the gory details about the cancellation.

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