Part 2 with Hyewon

Da Yeon

Her daughter likes this cartoon character called ppororo - 뽀로로. It is a penguin with a helmet..hahah. So cute. When we first met, her daughter kissed me on my left cheek. Hye Won was surprised cause her daughter never kiss her. Hahaha..Hye Won said she likes me. I know..I'm likeable..miahaha.

Hye Won is really kind. She has acommodate me with everything from taking a nap and shower at her home, bring me to an awesome restaurant where an 'ahjumma' claimed that she has seen me before ( my face that common??) and sending me to Bupyeong subway station. Definitely a very cool penpal. Kamsahamnida Hye Won ssi!

One of the few things that I am thankful for before I come to Korea is learning hangul and survival phrases from KoreanClass101. Their syllabus is marvelous. I think I will try to meet up with them one of these days to say my thanks.

Every time I said 'Anyonghaseyo' or 'Kamsahanmnida', all of them were surprised that I could speak Korean. I said only a little that I know of but they praise me as if I am extremely fluent. Hahaha..aigoo.

So, any of you thinking of doing it roughly in Korea like me..please..please..learn hangul and survival phrases. It would help you tremendously. Believe me, especially when you get lost in translation..haha.

Here are the pictures:

We went to play at the playground nearby Hye Won's house.

She's enjoying it!

"Da yeon naa..get down!"

Later, she tried the swing.

Hyewon left Da Yeon with her mother and we went to his haemul(seafood) restaurant.
I forgot to tell her ahead that I could not eat meat and drink liquor and she had a headache trying to find our lunch and dinner menu. Hye Won ssi, mian he yo!

This is a mix of crab, fish, small octopus and vegetables. Hye Won felt it was so spicy but I said it wasn't. Haha..really! I guess Malaysian food is spicier.

Seawed soup.
Banchan (sorry I forgot its name)

Ooi kimchi (cucumber)

Fish with gochujang. (I didn't eat this cause I was so full - paebullo yo!)

This is the end result - I ate the most of it cause it was goooooood!!

After the dinner, Hye Won sent me to Bupyeong station and I managed to take picture during my transit in Gongdeok station. From Bupyeong to Botigogae station - 1,300 won. It took me 1 hour to reach Botigogae cause I had to transit at two stations and carrying that heavy luggage was like hell. You could bring trolley bag but I think backpack is better and faster to move around though heavier on your body.

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