2010 International Postage Stamp Design Contest

Due on 15th September!

I know this is late but those out there who are passionate about stamps and more so for competing with prizes in Korean won, this is worth to mention. ^^

Give it a shot! We never know until we try, right?

Application forms: Available at post offices nationwide

The forms can also be downloaded from the website of K-Stamp Portal and Korea Post.

Application Period: July 1- September 15, 2009(For the overseas category, designs that arrive by September 30 will be eligible.)

Address: Postage Stamps & Philately Division, KOREA POST Jongno 6 (154-1 Seorin-dong) Jongno-gu, Seoul 110-110, Korea

Inquiries: +82- 2 -2195 –1255 (Korean, English)

E-Mail: vogelruf@mke.go.kr

Homepage: http://www.koreapost.go.kr , http://www.koreastamp.go.kr

For more information: Visit Tour2Korea